Terms of Service:

BCC Microimaging obligations
(a) BCC Microimaging accepts no responsibility for alteration of its products while in transit to client.


(a) BCC Microimaging will calculate charges according to its fee schedule at the time of the purchase request in combination with any other charges for special delivery.

(b) Unless prior invoicing arrangements have been made with BCC Microimaging, payment must be made by check or Money Order in U.S. Dollars (payable to: BCC Microimaging Corporation) upon delivery of goods.

c) All invoices are inclusive of local sales taxes.



BCC Microimaging is not liable for any damage to products if that failure is due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of BCC Microimaging.


BCC Microimaging (consultant) will not disclose client information in any form to any third party without the express written permission of the client. Definitions:

(1) Client information means any information that a client claims in writing as confidential;

(2) it includes buffers, reagents and product information provided by client;

(3) it does not include information to the extent that information is (a) used and/or devised by consultant and is sole property of consultant and may be protected under consultantís Patents, Trade Marks, Trade Mark Secrets and Copyrights (Intellectual Property), (b) independently developed or known by other parties (e.g., buffers and reagents or any other materials devised, provided or used by consultant to prepare by consultant or may be protected under consultantís Intellectual Property); or (c) available in the public domain and/or required to be disclosed by law.

Use of names and publication

The client must obtain written consent from BCC Microimaging before it uses name, URL, Trademarks or logo of BCC Microimaging.