BCC Microimaging is a Dun & Bradstreet listed company that offers innovative dye-conjugated antibody probes and specialized imaging software applications to assist the research scientist and industrial client with projects requiring a wide range of microscopical and imaging techniques.
BCC Microimaging is creating value by applying its U.S. Trade Mark technologies, based on photosensitive dye-conjugated antibody constructs, fluorescently-labeled specific antibodies and imaging software, to build a portfolio of products with significant commercial potential. For this purpose the Company has the expertise to develop novel photosensitive tags for specific antibodies and specialized imaging software applications for clients conducting basic, clinical or industrial research. BCC Microimaging primarily serves industrial R&D. This includes the skin care products industry, the food industry and companies developing new material products. Industrial corporations in these areas generate total annual sales of approximately $16 billion US dollars.BCC Microimaging maintains a close association with the State University of New York at Stony Brook.